Working at Spohalo

At Spohalo, we aim to change the way people view microorganisms and the microbiome, to lead in the application of good bacteria in not only applied medicines and supplements for gut health but also other sectors of cosmetics, agriculture, aquaculture, and consumer products.

Creative Thinking - Creative Work

With ever more socio-geo-politico and environmental tragedies looming on the horizon, a lack of ample resources and challenges in the global supply chain are just the tip of the iceberg. At Spohalo, we anticipate challenges, continuously approach problem-solving with creativity thereby making a lot from just a little. 

Spearheading in the 21st century, Spohalo looks to the future, continuously adapting, strategizing, and strategizing.



Everyone has the human right to a healthy and happy life. 


We’re people just like you, we want to take care of our well being and those of our loved ones.


We make it our mission every day to provide our customers with the best all-natural probiotics, honesty, transparent service, and credible information.


Honesty and Transparency

Executing honesty and transparency in our work, our information, and especially how we service our customers. To ensure the efficacy and credible sources of our probiotics and our information.


Social Responsibility 

Our drive is rooted in our philosophy of working for the greater good, propelling human progress, and communal well being in probiotics and digestive health.



Our customers are our community. We strive to support those in need, share our knowledge with the world, and appreciate the diversity of our global family.