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Spohalo probiotics aim to harness the power of microbiology in a new class of liquid spore-based probiotic supplements, pushing boundaries, and addressing antibiotic overuse.


World's Pioneering Biotechnology Startup

At Spohalo, we aim to change perspectives and call attention to the importance of the microbiome. 

We envision a world where good bacteria reaches beyond applied medicine to be applied in gut health, and the fields of cosmetics, agriculture, aquaculture, and consumer products.


Our Success & Progress

Spohalo utilizes proprietary methodologies to engineer market-leading microbial products.


Our spore-base probiotics are pre-activated but stay dormant through storage and transportation, only germinating when they reach their intended destination. 


Pre-activation is the key to making probiotics even more effective as a natural therapeutic alternative to costly and lengthy treatment.



The Spark

In 2017, after graduating from The Solvay Business School in Brussels, Belgium, David Chan Pham decided to venture home to Vietnam and begin a career in the burgeoning tech industry as the country entered the 4.0 Revolution.

Realizing that Vietnam has many educated people and talented local Ph. Ds from prestigious universities such as Stanford, Harvard, and Tohoku, David followed his gut and decided to pursue the applied medicines sector, at the time a very new industry teeming with unexplored potential in Vietnam.

With savings from his previous tech ventures, David, and his sister, Christine, decided to set up a biotech startup specializing in the application of microbial technology for the human microbiome and human gut health.

David named the company Spohalo Probiotics